Intrigued by job prospects in the construction sector? Ireland’s construction industry is booming, offering a plethora of employment opportunities. Under the “Housing for All” plan, the Irish government aims to construct an additional 33,000 new homes annually and retrofit 500,000 existing homes by 2030. This ambitious plan necessitates an additional 7,500 workers in the sector each year. Whether you’re from Ireland, Europe, or an eligible international candidate, there’s a place for you.

The Online Recruitment Day: Building Ireland’s Future

The online recruitment day, titled “Building Ireland’s Future: Jobs in Construction,” presents a fantastic opportunity to secure a position in the construction and engineering field.

Available Roles

  1. Engineering Support
  2. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  3. Insulation Workers
  4. Quantity Surveyors
  5. Construction Project Managers
  6. Site Mechanics/Managers/Engineers
  7. Electrical Specialists
  8. Health and Safety Officers
  9. Plumbers
  10. Electrical Engineers
  11. Plasterers
  12. General Laborers
  13. Administrative Support Roles (Related to Construction Sector)

How to Navigate and Apply Before the Event

  1. Browse and Apply for Jobs Before the EventRegister in advance, upload your resume, and apply for any suitable jobs announced for this event. Employers will review your applications and may invite you for online interviews.
  2. Engage in Q&A SessionsChat online with employers, ask questions during the Q&A session after each presentation. To participate online, register for the event in advance .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a registration fee for job seekers?
    • No, registration for job seekers is free of charge.
  2. How can employers register and post job vacancies?
    • Employers can register and post job vacancies on the event website.
  3. Are international candidates eligible to participate?
    • Yes, the event is open to job seekers from both Europe and outside the European Economic Area.
  4. Can job seekers interact directly with employers during the online event?
    • Yes, there will be Q&A sessions after each presentation where job seekers can interact with employers.
  5. What happens after the event?
    • After the event, job seekers may be contacted for further interviews, and employers will have access to a pool of potential candidates.