If you’ve ever dreamt of being part of a dynamic Railways maintenance team, here’s your chance! Ayr is currently offering an enticing opportunity for a Railways worker, responsible for maintaining Railways both in and around Ayr. Let’s delve into the details of what Queensland Railways has in store for potential employees.

Benefits Offered

Potential Earnings and Retirement Benefits

Imagine earning a potential income of $85,000, coupled with a 12.75% retirement pension, including fines. The work schedule spans nine days over a two-week period, providing a balanced work-life equation. From Monday to Friday, you’ll be immersed in a job that not only pays your travel expenses during work but also covers accommodation costs.

Paid Training and Continuous Support

To ensure you’re equipped for the role, paid training is on the table, along with ongoing support. This includes earning a Cert II in Railway Infrastructure. All necessary personal protective equipment and tools will be provided, making your journey into Railways maintenance a smooth one.

Responsibilities of Railways Worker

As a Railways worker, your main duties will revolve around manual labor, including replacing railway sleepers and various other Railways maintenance tasks. This is a field position, demanding the ability to work in challenging weather conditions and high temperatures.

Outdoor Work Challenges

Working outdoors means you’ll be exposed to a variety of challenges, from flood repairs to other emergency tasks. Despite the hurdles, the role emphasizes the importance of executing all duties safely and efficiently.

Tasks in the Role

Railways Repair and Maintenance

Your primary focus will be on repairing and maintaining railway Railways. This includes hands-on outdoor work throughout the region, addressing floods and other emergencies promptly and effectively.

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Work

Safety is paramount in this role. Every task is performed with a keen eye on safety measures, ensuring both your well-being and the integrity of the railway Railways.

Qualifications and Experience

Requirements for the Role

Recent experience in manual handling or a similar role is preferred. Passing cognitive and psychomotor tests related to railway qualifications is a must, demonstrating your commitment to safety.

Flexibility and Travel Expectations

Flexibility is key, as the role may require travel and work within the regional area of Queensland. Be prepared for some additional hours and weekend work when needed.

Development Opportunities

Training and Certification

Beyond the mentioned training, there’s an opportunity to obtain first aid certification, as well as licenses for high-risk work such as DG (Dangerous Goods) and LF (Licence to Perform High-Risk Work). Safety at heights certification is also on the horizon.

Advancement within the Team

Queensland Railways values development within its team. Alongside the mentioned training, there’s ample opportunity for career advancement within the Railways maintenance team.

How to Apply

Accessing Full Employee Benefits

If this opportunity interests you, click the button to explore our full range of employee benefits and take the first step towards an exciting career in railway maintenance.

Link to the Complete Job Description

For a comprehensive understanding of the role, click here to view the complete job description.

Embark on a journey of excitement and challenges by joining the Railways maintenance team in Ayr. Queensland Railways offers not just a job but a fulfilling career with numerous benefits and development opportunities. Take the first step towards a rewarding future!


  1. What is the potential income for this role?
    • The potential income for this Railways maintenance role is $85,000, coupled with a 12.75% retirement pension.
  2. Is training provided for this position?
    • Yes, paid training, including the Cert II in Railway Infrastructure, is provided for all employees.
  3. What are the outdoor challenges in this role?
    • Outdoor challenges include working in various weather conditions, flood repairs, and other emergency response tasks.
  4. Are travel expenses covered during work?
    • Yes, travel expenses, including accommodation costs, are covered during work hours.
  5. Is there room for career advancement within the team?
    • Absolutely! Queensland Railways values team development, providing opportunities for career advancement within the Railways maintenance team.