Are you looking for an exciting job opportunity in Australia as a factory mechanic? In 2023, we have a fantastic opening for you to join our team. Reporting to the workshop supervisor, an HD mechanic will perform a diverse range of tasks, including service, maintenance, repairs, component rebuilding, and diagnostic work on a variety of Caterpillar heavy machinery.

Job details

Working at the modern workshop facility in Bunbury, WesTrac, the mechanic’s role is crucial to ensuring the optimal performance of heavy-duty equipment. The location offers a dynamic work environment, providing ample opportunities for skill development and career growth.

Responsibilities of a Mechanic

The mechanic will handle a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from routine service and maintenance to complex component rebuilding. Additionally, diagnostic work on a wide range of Caterpillar heavy machinery will be part of the daily tasks.

Location and Facilities

Situated on Bunbury’s outskirts, the workshop boasts state-of-the-art facilities, providing an ideal setting for efficient and effective work. The modern infrastructure is designed to support the intricate needs of heavy machinery maintenance and repair.

Flexible Working Hours and Start Date

To accommodate various schedules, flexible working hours are available for this role. The expected start date for this exciting opportunity is December 1, 2023, providing ample time for interested candidates to prepare.

Role Requirements

To be eligible for this position, candidates should possess more than 4 years of relevant practical experience. The necessary work rights are also required. Fortunately, a work visa can be provided for this role.

Job Type and Salary

This is a full-time position with an hourly wage ranging from $26.29 to $52.91. Employee benefits, including discounts, are part of the package. The work schedule includes 10-hour, 12-hour, and 8-hour shifts, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences.

Work Schedule

The mechanic role comes with various shift options, including 5:2, 7:7, or 8:6, with the availability of overtime. WesTrac is particularly interested in candidates with 5 years of experience, and they value individuals with a recognized trade certificate in Australia.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates are expected to hold a recognized trade certificate in Australia, with post-trade experience. The ability to work effectively in a team and familiarity with Caterpillar heavy equipment are essential qualifications.

Company Values

WesTrac is guided by core values that include safety, pride, accountability, respect, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. If you resonate with these values and are eager to advance your career with WesTrac, click the “Apply” button today.

Application Process

Applying is easy—just click the “Apply” button. WesTrac also offers assistance with transportation and visa applications for candidates within and outside Australia.

Diversity and Inclusion

WesTrac is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. They actively encourage applications from female, indigenous and international candidates. WesTrac has been recognized as an Employer of Choice for Women by WORK180.

In conclusion, this business opportunity with WesTrac in Australia is not just about business; It’s about joining a team that values ​​diversity, safety and continuous improvement. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, WesTrac is the place for you.


  1. How do I apply for the mechanic position at WesTrac?
    • You can apply by clicking the “Apply” button on our website.
  2. Is a work visa provided for this role?
    • Yes, WesTrac can provide a work visa for eligible candidates.
  3. What are the work hours for this position?
    • WesTrac offers flexible working hours, including 10-hour, 12-hour, and 8-hour shifts.
  4. Are there employee benefits for this role?
    • Yes, WesTrac provides employee benefits, including discounts.
  5. Can WesTrac assist with transportation for candidates outside Australia?
    • Yes, WesTrac offers assistance with transportation and visa applications for candidates within and outside Australia.