Volunteering is a powerful way to make a positive impact on communities and individuals. The Socio-Educational Volunteering project, offered by the Spanish Volunteering Foundation, provides a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to meaningful projects. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this volunteering opportunity, from the tasks involved to the application process.

Understanding Volunteering

What is Socio-Educational Volunteering?

Socio-Educational Volunteering involves two distinct roles within our network of organizations. One volunteer will provide technical support within the Information Technology department, handling tasks like coordinating work equipment and implementing automation and robotics. The other volunteer’s main responsibilities include programming, executing, and evaluating social and educational workshops and community engagement activities.

Workshop Themes

Workshops and activities revolve around essential themes such as personal and social development, career guidance, holistic health, family dynamics, and leisure time.

Exploring Opportunities

Eligible Countries

Applicants from most countries are welcome to apply, making this an inclusive opportunity for diverse individuals.

Volunteer Duration

The volunteering commitment spans over 10 months, ensuring a substantial and impactful contribution to the projects.

Training and Support

Training During Volunteering

Upon arrival, volunteers undergo a welcoming training session to lay the necessary foundations for their volunteering experience. Throughout the project, language lessons in Spanish are provided, along with additional training organized for volunteers in Spain. Continuous support and monitoring ensure volunteers maximize their experience.

Educational Backgrounds

Volunteers from all educational backgrounds—high school, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels—are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Required Documents

To apply, interested individuals need to submit a resume and a letter of intent . Remarkably, language certification is not a prerequisite, and there are no application fees.

How to Apply

  1. Click on the “APPLY” button.
  2. Register, fill in your details, and submit the application.

Funding and Benefits

Volunteer Package

Volunteering in Spain includes:

  • Travel tickets.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Complimentary meals.
  • Spanish language courses.
  • Assistance with obtaining a Schengen visa for Spain.

Acceptance Criteria

Who Are We Looking For?

We seek individuals who are curious, eager to learn, capable of interacting with people from diverse cultures and perspectives, understanding others’ needs, and ready to provide support. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential, along with basic computer literacy, creative thinking, task organization, and a passion for non-formal education and active citizenship.

Application Deadline

The last date to submit applications is November 30, 2023.

Embarking on a socio-educational volunteering journey with the Spanish Volunteering Foundation is not just an opportunity to give back but a chance for personal growth and cultural exchange. Join us in making a positive impact on communities and shaping a brighter future together.


  1. Q: Is language certification required for the application?
    • A: No, language certification is not a prerequisite.
  2. Q: Are there any fees for submitting the application?
    • A: No, there are no application fees.
  3. Q: Can individuals from any country apply for this volunteering opportunity?
    • A: Yes, applicants from most countries are eligible to apply.
  4. Q: What kind of support is provided during the volunteering period?
    • A: Volunteers receive continuous support, language lessons, and additional training sessions to enhance their experience.
  5. Q: How long is the volunteering commitment?
    • A: The volunteer duration is 10 months.