Welding – A Career Path

Elite Truck Bodies and Their Search for Welding Talent

Elite Truck Bodies, a reputable employer in Carrum Downs, Victoria, is actively seeking a qualified and experienced Welder/Metal Fabricator to join their team. The role comes with a range of exciting responsibilities and requirements, making it a fantastic opportunity for individuals with a passion for welding.

The Prerequisites for This Role

Mastering the Blueprint

The first and foremost skill required is the ability to read and analyze blueprints and drawings. As a Welder, understanding the intricacies of these documents is crucial for ensuring precise work.

Precision Matters

Examining welds for the width of the bead, penetration, and precision is part of the job. Ensuring the integrity of your welds is essential.

Versatility in Welding

The ability to weld in various positions – vertically, horizontally, and overhead – is a must. Different welding tasks may require you to work in various orientations.

Mastering Different Metals

You should be able to weld various metals using different techniques. Each metal type has its characteristics, and a skilled Welder should be well-versed in working with them.

Crafting with Metal

Cutting, rolling, shaping, bending, molding, spinning, heating, or hammering metal products to fabricate parts or sub-assemblies is a significant part of the job.

Heat Treatment

Heat treating metal parts and components to enhance their properties is a valuable skill in welding.

Working with Tools

Setting up and operating hand and machine tools, as well as welding equipment, is essential for performing your tasks effectively.

Assembling and Finishing

Assembling parts and structures by lining them up and joining them through welding, bolting, or riveting is a critical aspect of the job. Finishing products through cleaning, polishing, filing, or applying protective or decorative coatings is also part of the role.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Certification in Welding Fabrication

A Certificate III in Engineering (Welding Fabrication) or an equivalent qualification is essential. It forms the basis of your knowledge and expertise in welding.

Experience Matters

A minimum of three years of experience in a similar role is required. Practical experience hones your skills and makes you a valuable asset.

Team Player

The ability to work in a team environment is a necessity. Collaboration is often key to achieving complex welding tasks.

What’s on Offer

The salary for this role ranges from $70,000 to $85,000 per year, commensurate with your experience. This competitive compensation package reflects the value Elite Truck Bodies places on their Welders.

Application Details

Applications for this position open on October 19, 2023, and close on November 19, 2023. If you believe you meet the requirements and are enthusiastic about this role, don’t hesitate to apply. Elite Truck Bodies will contact shortlisted candidates.

In the realm of welding, opportunities for skilled professionals are abundant in Australia. Elite Truck Bodies’ search for a talented Welder/Metal Fabricator offers a gateway to a fulfilling career in this trade. If you possess the required skills and passion for welding, this could be your chance to shine.


FAQ 1: What is the primary role of a Welder/Metal Fabricator?

A Welder/Metal Fabricator’s primary role is to join and fabricate metal parts, structures, and components using various welding techniques, ensuring precision and quality.

FAQ 2: What types of metals do Welders typically work with?

Welders work with a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and various alloys, depending on the project requirements.

FAQ 3: How important is experience in welding for this role?

Experience is crucial, as it not only enhances your skills but also demonstrates your ability to handle various welding tasks effectively.

FAQ 4: What is the significance of reading blueprints in welding?

Reading blueprints is essential for understanding project requirements, ensuring accurate welds, and maintaining structural integrity.

FAQ 5: Is a Certificate III in Engineering necessary for this role?

Yes, a Certificate III in Engineering (Welding Fabrication) or an equivalent qualification is a fundamental requirement for this role as it provides the necessary knowledge and skills.