Destination: Romania

  • Country: Romania
  • City: Baia Mare
  • Hosting Organization: Volunteering Foundation in Romania

Volunteering Description

This volunteering project takes place in Baia Mare, as well as in other rural and urban communities. The project focuses on inclusivity, equality, community empowerment, participation, participatory democracy, rights, and social justice. The activities and events aim to create open, engaged, and creative communities committed to their citizens.

How It Works

Volunteers will engage in various youth activities, both online and in-person, targeting diverse groups, including primary and high school students. The project is divided into multiple start dates:

  1. January – February 2024
  2. April – May
  3. June – August
  4. October – November

The “TEAM Short-Term” project spans 59 days, with groups of 10 young people from across Europe. Participants will learn to plan, assist, and execute non-formal education activities, with a focus on core European values, social integration, and sustainable development for various beneficiaries, both in urban and rural areas of Maramureș County, Transylvania, in northwestern Romania.


  • Educational Level: High school, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, Diploma holders are all eligible to apply.
  • Language Skills: No language certification is required.
  • Fees: There are no application fees.

What’s Included

Volunteering in Romania comes with the following benefits:

  • Monthly salary
  • Internal transportation costs
  • Free accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Romanian language courses
  • Assistance in obtaining a Romanian visa

Required Documents

To apply for the Romanian volunteering program, you need to submit:

  • Your CV
  • Complete the application form

How to Apply for Romanian Volunteering

Follow these steps to apply for the Romanian volunteering program:

  1. Fill out the application form on the official website here.
  2. Click on the “APPLY” button.
  3. Register for free, attach your CV, and submit the application.

Acceptance Criteria

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, with a primary interest in personal growth and development. Enjoy working with children and youth, possess an open and tolerant attitude towards other cultures, and demonstrate flexibility, as you’ll be working in a multicultural environment as part of an international project team. Basic English proficiency is advisable to facilitate communication during project activities and within the international project team of staff and volunteers.

Application Deadline

Applications are currently open and will remain so until the required number of participants is reached.


  1. Is there an age limit for volunteers?
    • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  2. Do I need to speak Romanian to apply?
    • No, language certification is not required.
  3. What is the monthly salary for volunteers?
    • Volunteers receive a monthly salary as part of the program.
  4. Are there any application fees?
    • No, there are no application fees.
  5. Can I apply if I’m not from Europe?
    • Yes, most countries around the world are eligible to apply. Please refer to the official announcement for more details.