The Diversity Visa (DV) program, also referred to as the “Green Card Lottery,” offers a pathway to U.S. immigration for individuals who meet specific and precise criteria. Selection is determined through a random computer-generated lottery administered by the U.S. Department of State.

Registration Basics

1. Timing is Crucial

Registration for the DV Lottery for the 2024/2023 opens on October 4, 2023, for Morocco and other eligible countries. Don’t miss the deadline; registration closes on November 7, 2023.

2. Online and Free

Registering for the DV Lottery is entirely free and can be done online through the official website Here, you’ll find all the information you need about the 2023 DV Lottery and how to apply for the 2024 program.

3. Education Requirements

To be eligible, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. In the absence of this, applicants with two years of professional experience within the last five years in a highly specialized field can also apply, provided their experience meets the U.S. Department of State’s criteria.

4. Professional Experience Evaluation

Professional experiences are evaluated using a digital system available on Each experience is assigned a score, and a minimum score of 7.0 is required to participate in the Diversity Visa lottery.

5. No Application Fees

There are no fees associated with registering for the DV Lottery. The only way to apply is by completing and submitting the electronic form available on the U.S. Department of State’s website during the registration period.

Beware of Scams

While some websites claim to assist with DV Lottery applications, it’s crucial to exercise caution. These services do not increase your chances of winning. The U.S. Department of State advises against using such services and strongly recommends that individuals register themselves.

Application Requirements for 2023/2024/2025

The application requirements for the DV Lottery for 2023/2024/2025 are as follows:

  1. Passport Requirement (Exception for 2025): Applicants must possess a valid passport. However, for the 2025 program, you can participate without a valid passport.
  2. Minimum Education: Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of formal education.
  3. One Application per Person: Each individual can submit only one application with their information. Multiple entries will result in disqualification.
  4. Military Service: If military service is compulsory in your country, you must provide proof of military service completion or deferment.
  5. Photo Specifications: Submit a passport-sized photo with dimensions of 600×600 pixels. The photo must meet all DV Lottery photo requirements.
  6. Accurate Information: All information provided in the application must match official documents. Any discrepancies can lead to disqualification.
  7. Marital Status: Your marital status at the time of application must accurately reflect your current situation.
  8. Country of Eligibility: Applicants must be from a country eligible to participate in the DV Lottery.

Capturing the Correct Photo for 2023 in Morocco and Other Countries

Getting an acceptable photo for registration in the U.S. Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery can be accomplished through various methods, as outlined below:

1. Using the Online Photo Editing Tool

If you already have a personal photo with a white background that meets the specified requirements but needs resizing, you can use the online photo editing tool available on the U.S. government’s website. This tool allows you to adjust your photo to the required dimensions of 600×600 pixels.

2. Visiting a Professional Studio

One of the most reliable methods is to visit a reputable photography studio. Inform the photographer that you need a photo that adheres to the DV Lottery’s specifications. The photo requirements you should communicate to the photographer include:

  • Photo dimensions: 5×5 centimeters.
  • A white background, as previously mentioned.
  • Compliance with all the conditions listed above.

Before heading to the studio, purchase a USB flash drive. Once at the studio, clearly explain all the requirements to the photographer. They will ensure that the photo is taken according to the specified criteria. Pay special attention to the photo’s dimensions, which should be 5×5 centimeters. Afterward, retrieve your flash drive and request that the photographer save the captured photo in the required dimensions of 600×600 pixels.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you have the correct photo for your DV Lottery application.

Remember, adhering to the photo requirements is crucial to ensure your application is not disqualified. The U.S. government sets these strict guidelines to maintain the integrity of the DV Lottery process.

How to Register on 2023/2024

Registration for the DV Lottery is straightforward:

1.Visit the website and click on “Begin Entry.”

2. You will be provided with a code that you must enter correctly within 30 minutes.

3. Fill out the entry form with your name, gender, date of birth, city of birth, and country of birth.

4. Were you born in a country eligible to apply, then immigrated to a country that is not eligible to apply?
– If this is correct, choose: No / If not, choose: Yes.

5. Passport: It must be valid for at least 3 years. At the end of this card you will find a question about nationality. Do not be surprised, as there are some citizens who do not have nationality.

6. Uploading a personal photo: It must be clear, not dark, not colored, and not subject to effects or modifications. It is forbidden to take pictures with glasses.

7. Address: Home address / city / region – governorate / postal code.

8. Country

9. Phone number ( Optional )

10. Email Address

11. The last level of education you reached and completed.

12. Your marital status

13. Number of children

14. After completion, you must press the Continue button, as follows:

Countries Ineligible for the U.S. Diversity Visa Program 2024

Not all countries are eligible for the U.S. Diversity Visa (DV) Program for the year 2024. The DV Program is designed to promote diversity among immigrants coming to the United States, and some countries are excluded due to high immigration rates in recent years. Here is a list of countries ineligible for the DV Lottery for 2023-2024:

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Nigeria
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Brazil
  5. Vietnam
  6. Pakistan
  7. Jamaica
  8. Mexico
  9. El Salvador
  10. Honduras
  11. Canada
  12. Guatemala
  13. Haiti
  14. Colombia
  15. India
  16. Philippines
  17. South Korea
  18. China (excluding Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan)
  19. Anguilla
  20. Cayman Islands
  21. Bermuda
  22. Turks and Caicos Islands
  23. Montserrat
  24. Pitcairn Islands
  25. Northern Ireland
  26. Falkland Islands
  27. Saint Helena
  28. British Virgin Islands
  29. Gibraltar

Don’t Miss Your Chance

The 2024/2023 is your opportunity to pursue the American dream. Remember, registration is free, so beware of scams and trust only the official U.S. Department of State website.


1. Can I apply for the DV Lottery if I don’t have a high school diploma?

Yes, you can still apply if you have two years of professional experience in a specialized field within the last five years.

2. Are there any fees associated with the DV Lottery application?

No, the DV Lottery application is entirely free.

3. Can I submit multiple entries for the DV Lottery?

No, each person can submit only one DV Lottery entry. Multiple entries will result in disqualification.

4. What should I do if I don’t have a valid passport?

For the 2025 program, you can participate without a valid passport.

5. How is professional experience evaluated for the DV Lottery?

Professional experience is evaluated using a digital system, and a minimum score of 7.0 is required to participate in the lottery.