In today’s ever-evolving global economy, organizations like ACDI/VOCA have played a pivotal role in empowering individuals in developing and transitional nations. With a rich history dating back to 1963, ACDI/VOCA has been making a significant impact across 148 countries. Based in Washington, D.C., this nonprofit international development organization specializes in designing and delivering technical and management solutions in agriculture, economic growth, and resilience. Their mission is simple yet profound: to promote economic prosperity and social inclusion worldwide.

The Opportunity in Albania

ACDI/VOCA is currently on the lookout for Food Safety/Quality Experts to join an anticipated economic growth program in Albania. This program aims to catalyze the establishment of a competitive food value chain centered around high-value, processed food sub-sectors. Its objectives include demonstrating and consolidating an effective model for producing and delivering high-value, high-quality food products, boosting domestic production and consumption of Albanian brand products, and connecting Albania’s food industry with tourism, regional markets, and beyond. The program is set to kick off in 2023, with the position based in Albania.

Your Role and Responsibilities

As a Food Safety/Quality Expert with ACDI/VOCA, you’ll be entrusted with a range of vital responsibilities:

1. Assessing Food Safety and Quality Standards

Your first task will involve conducting comprehensive assessments of food safety and quality standards and practices in Albania’s agricultural sector. This step is crucial to identify areas in need of improvement.

2. Developing and Implementing Interventions

Based on your assessments, you will work in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders to develop and implement interventions aimed at enhancing food safety and quality practices.

3. Providing Technical Assistance

You will offer technical assistance to agricultural producers and processors to help them meet the necessary food safety and quality standards. This assistance will also extend to facilitating their access to both local and international markets.

4. Harmonizing Standards with EU Requirements

Aligning Albania’s food safety and quality standards with European Union (EU) requirements is another key aspect of your role. This alignment is vital for enhancing trade and international collaboration.

5. Designing Training Programs

Developing and delivering training programs on food safety and quality standards and practices will be a part of your daily routine. These programs will empower local stakeholders and contribute to lasting change.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

You’ll be responsible for conducting monitoring and evaluation activities to assess the impact of the interventions you’ve implemented. This data-driven approach ensures the effectiveness of your work.

Your Qualifications

To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree in food science, agriculture, or a related field is a must. A Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Experience: A minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience is required, with at least 7 years working in food safety and quality assurance, especially in the agricultural sector.
  • Expertise: You should have strong knowledge of food safety and quality standards and practices, particularly in the context of Albania and other Eastern European countries.
  • Engagement: Past experience working with agricultural producers, processors, and traders, as well as government agencies responsible for food safety and quality regulation, will be a significant asset. Experience in the Balkans is preferred.
  • Language Skills: Fluency in English is a necessity, as effective communication is key to this role. Albanian nationals are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

If you’re excited about the prospect of making a substantial impact on Albania’s food safety and quality standards and contributing to economic growth, we encourage you to apply online  the black button. Please note that applications will be promptly reviewed upon receipt, and only finalists will be contacted.

Equal Opportunity Employer

ACDI/VOCA is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity in its workforce. It is an equal opportunity employer, and as such, encourages women, minorities, and individuals from diverse groups to apply. Importantly, ACDI/VOCA maintains a strict policy of never requesting payment or charging a fee for any position.


In conclusion, the role of a Food Safety/Quality Expert with ACDI/VOCA in Albania offers a unique opportunity to drive meaningful change in the agricultural sector. Your expertise will contribute not only to improved food safety and quality but also to the overall economic prosperity of Albania. If you’re passionate about making a difference and meet the qualifications outlined above, we look forward to receiving your application.


1. What is the mission of ACDI/VOCA?

ACDI/VOCA’s mission is to empower people in developing and transitional nations to succeed in the global economy by providing technical and management solutions in agriculture, economic growth, and resilience.

2. When does the anticipated economic growth program in Albania start?

The program is expected to commence in 2023.

3. Can Albanian nationals apply for this position?

Yes, Albanian nationals are strongly encouraged to apply.

4. Is there a preferred language requirement for this role?

Yes, fluency in English is required for effective communication.

5. Does ACDI/VOCA charge a fee for job applications?

No, ACDI/VOCA will never request payment or charge a fee to apply for any position.